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Interiors that speak to you.

Who We Are

Our team has over 20 years of design experience collectively. With our unique perspectives coming together, we knew we would have something special. Our diverse backgrounds and expertise provide the ability to tackle a wide range of styles, spaces, and in the end, resulting in the Storie that fits you. 

Meet The Team

How We Met

“Craigslist works!  Ask YunChi.”

In 2012, Rhobin officially launched his namesake design business he had been working on for two years. His ambition and mentality was fast and furious. And like every new business owner, he was looking for an all-around intern who was willing and able to wear the multiple hats required to launch a new firm. 

YunChi bravely moved to NYC from Taiwan and graduated in 2012 with her Master’s degree from the New York School of Interior Design. Like every international student, she was on borrowed time and had just 90 days post graduation to find a job. The economy at that time was still reeling back from the recession; and she could feel it. If you ask YunChi, she’ll tell you she sent out countless applications before she finally decided to try Craigslist. It was when she had about two weeks before the granted time would end, and remarkably YunChi got a call back from Rhobin DeLaCruz Designs.

When you first meet YunChi, you’ll feel the presence of calm. Rhobin saw this and thought “Ok, not a bad start.” This is the complete opposite of Rhobins personality. Rhobin asked YunChi to walk him through her portfolio. She had confidence, she was thorough, and although her English wasn’t perfect; she carefully selected her words to get her message across. This is where it all began.

Seven years later, YunChi went from intern to partner and a founding member of RDD.

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